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Thanks for all your love and support 

Do to health issue I am retiring from songwriting and performing.  I am very lucky to have had the opportunity to share my music with so many people.  Unfortunately, the time has come to concentrate on my health.  The Website will be up till December 31st, 2015 if anyone wants to make contact with me.  Thank you for caring.  I love you all.

Nashville 2013 

I will be in Nashville May 30th-June 2nd.  Then on to New York..... New Songs to introduce and share with producers/Labels.  Thanks for all the great support, my friends.  Play Schedule:

Friday May 31st 
9:45 PM Music Row Best Western CMG Records/Video Stage

Saturday June 1st 
12:30 PM  Studio 33 Pandemic Tent Stage  Live Stream by Mind Coup
4:15 PM  Bobby's Idle hour
8:30 PM  The Aloft

Sunday June 2nd  
3:45 PM  Bobby's Idle Hour, 9:34 PM  Music Row Best Western


Parker Dawson is a singer/songwriter living in Southern California.  His roots come from his childhood in Nebraska and a small town in Western New York State.  He served in the Military, has seen much of the world, and touched the hearts of many people during live performances.  

When listening to Parker you remember the special times, places and people who have forever changed your life. His journey is about believing in yourself, finding love, and of course, the adventures of ones life.  

Link for CD on Webpage.  Thanks for your support!    

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